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Options Copy Trading

Mirror Trading

What are options?

Options are tradeable contracts that let investors forecast whether the price of an item will rise or fall at a particular juncture in the future without actually purchasing the asset in question. As an illustration, Nifty 50 options give traders the opportunity to predict the future movement of this benchmark stock index, which is usually regarded as a stand-in for the whole Indian stock market.

Options may seem a little paradoxical at first, but they aren't as difficult to understand as they would first look. You only need to be familiar with a few essential phrases to comprehend options;

  • Derivative: The value of these contracts is derived from another asset, making options what are referred to as a derivative.Consider stock options, where the price of the underlying stock determines the contract's value.
  • Call option and put option : A call option gives you the ability to buy a security at a predetermined price by a specified date, whereas a put option allows you to sell a security at a future date and price. Expiration date and striking price. The aforementioned fixed price is referred to as a strike price. Up until the expiration date of the option contract, the option may be exercised at the strike price.
  • Premium : The price and values of the underlying securities determine the premium, which is what it costs to purchase an option.
  • Intrinsic value and extrinsic value : Intrinsic value is the difference between an option contract's strike price and the underlying asset's current market value. Extrinsic value describes extra factors, besides those taken into consideration by intrinsic value, that affect the premium, such as the duration of the option's term.
  • In-the-money and out-of-the-money : Depending on the value of the underlying assets and the remaining time before expiration, an option is either in-the-money (profitable) or out-of-the-money (unprofitable).
  • With ATQs' Options Copy Trading Services, you can maximize your trading potential.

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    Additionally, the complete customization of our copy trading services gives clients complete control over risk parameters, allocation preferences, and portfolio management. With this flexibility, traders can take advantage of others' experience while maintaining total control over their trading activity.

    At ATQ, we recognize the significance of trust and openness in copy trading. Since our clients' expectations are important to us, we carefully evaluate and follow the performance of our featured traders. Along with providing real-time transaction updates and performance tracking, our platform also keeps clients informed and involved throughout their copy trading journey.

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